”Relacom Denmark has upgraded more than 450 sites adding at least 650 new technologies to the eastern part of TTN’s mobile network in Denmark over the past 2 years. These projects has been supervised by Telia Danmark who have had the daily contact to Relacom.

Relacom has proved to be an adaptable, innovative, open minded and cooperative contractor and has evolved in key areas in the above mentioned period, thus meeting our demands in regards to quality, price and speed.

Relacom has in general been a great asset to our Rollout, as they are willing to adjust construction methods and pricing accordingly etc. on the fly in an ever changing industry where agility is a must and still deliver within the agreed timeframe. The few bumps we’ve had on the road, which are inevitable in a project of this size has been smoothed out quickly and effectively in a mutually good spirit.

Their staff has been willing to go the extra mile above and beyond, what one can expect when deadlines has been looming and deadlines appeared unreachable.
All in all I can highly recommend Relacom in regards to Mobile network rollout.

Lars Kvist Christensen, Head of Roll Out Telia Danmark &
Kasper Morville, Telia Denmark Senior Implementation Manager Rollout

Copenhagen June 28’th 2017